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  1. 9/13/2018
    “If you’re into lessons, Gary is awesome. I recently got a lesson from him and I was very impressed with his simplistic and yet very patient way of teaching. I’ll be back soon to practice and for a lesson.”

  2. 10/22/2018
    “Gary’s methods are what I’m comfortable with… reviewing the basics and tweaking, not reinventing my swing. He showed me an easy putting drill that I promise to use. The handy hints for chipping also made a big difference. I’ve never been a frequent practicer but I am excited to work on it as much as possible before my next lesson. “

  3. 9/7/2018
    “I had the opportunity to meet with Gary to receive my first golf lesson. Wow, wow, wow… I should of done this a long time ago. After meeting with Gary for 2 hrs and working on the “GAPP” as he calls it (Grip, Alignment, Position and Posture) I understood why my game is not consistent. We then worked on my swing and after watching myself on video I could see what I was doing wrong. I was not too happy with my self.
    Once, I got my swing Gary taught me how to compress the ball with my irons. I never hit my Pitching wedge more then 80 yards. Now, I was hitting 100-110 yards. I was so impressed with the results. Just by the work that Gary and I did in two hours I was hitting my irons 20-40 yards longer than I used to. “

  4. Gary is amazing. His teaching technique really resonated with me. He focuses on fundamentals which for me where critical. I’ve dropped 5 strokes from my average in my first few lessons.

  5. I have taken many lessons with various instructors, and am a high school PE teacher myself. Gary’s methods and philosophy are right on. He gets to the point without gimmicks, so it makes practicing easy. The Golf Development Center in Moorpark is a great facility.

  6. Great instructor and helped me immensely with my irons and woods. My buddy who is pro noticed I added 20 yards to my drive and it was all based on my lessons! And, he’s just a good guy that makes you feel comfortable in identifying what you need to do to be better.

  7. I cannot say enough good things about Gary and his teaching.
    Results? I hadn’t broken 100 when I started with him in January ’19. On August 3rd, after a few lessons, I shot 83. I was hitting a 30+ yard slice before the 1st lesson. I learned what to do to correct that in the 1st lesson. I now hit a baby draw.
    Methods: Gary makes the basics understandable. He uses his experience + video of your swing to help you understand where you need to adjust. He listens to your input and feedback. He breaks down the swing and shows you where to adjust. You’ll go home with notes and drills to help drive home the lesson on your own.
    Gary is a fantastic coach and I would absolutely recommend him!!!

  8. I started working with Gary when I first took up golf to ensure that I could begin with sound fundamentals and build from there. Gary is extremely patient and has a keen eye for detail. Whenever I would over-correct or get off track, Gary would identify where my breakdowns were and get me back on track. He is very knowledgeable and really knows how to explain the concepts in a way that resonated with me and allowed me to progress rapidly. I would HIGHLY recommend Gary to anyone looking to improve their golf game and get their fundamentals down. If there is a problem with your swing, Gary will identify it and have a drill to help!

  9. Over the past 2 years I have taken a series of lessons with Gary at GDC and on the course and in that time have gone from a 9 to 2 index thanks to his coaching. When I first saw Gary we focused on the things that I did well in my swing and how to build a better swing based on my strengths. He was able to describe what I was doing and what I needed to do in a way that is easy to understand and gave me a series of simple drills to accomplish my goals. His approach, using what is already works well and using that as a foundation is a superior approach than the ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ swing that other coaches will try to force you into. I look forward to continuing my work with Gary in the future.

  10. 2 months ago I was fed up with losing balls. I called golf instructors until one picked up. The only one who picked up was Gary. I scheduled one lesson and it became a weekly arrangement. Gary works with you to progress your game. He does not over complicate things. He uses video analysis and plain good fundamentals to give you the tools you need to execute the shots you want on the course. Thanks Gary.

  11. I just completed a series of lessons, including on-course management, with Gary. I couldn’t be more pleased with his instruction. He was able to breakdown my swing and explain clearly how to improve it. The playing sessions on the golf course were invaluable. I can’t say enough about how good he is as a golf coach.

  12. Gary was instrumental in helping me identify needed improvements in my swing which resulted in better overall gameplay. Using his coaching techniques alongside his tools, I felt comfortable and confident throughout all the sessions.

  13. Gary is a great teacher. I’d give him a 5 star rating. He is knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is personable and makes his points easy to understand. I have fun working with him and always look forward to my lessons

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