Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching technique starts with the proper grip, alignment, posture and ball position. These 4 fundamentals are key to get each student in the position for a repeatable and productive golf swing. From there I work with each individual student on how the body works during the golf swing. Although I know that no two students swings are alikeĀ  we work together as a team in staying connected and simplifying the golf swing. The goal is to get each student in the proper position at impact. I don't believe in gimmicks and quick fixes. Success is created through drills, conditioning the muscle memory in the body and hard work. I firmly believe that each shot(especially the short game) requires a repeatable practice routine, visualizing the shot and then executing the shot. I also work with my students on improving their mental game. Staying in the moment and staying positive one shot at a time is the key to success. I am an honest, hard-working individual that believes in assisting my students improve everyday. I am always willing to go the extra mile in helping students achieve their goals. I believe a good instructor uses active listening, understanding and diagnosing the student's flaws as well as providing them easy, clear and concise information. Looking forward to assisting you with your game.

Gary Riewer